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Martial Arts and Other Arts (bad!fic)

Title: Martial Arts and Other Arts
Fandom: Heroes
Rating/Genre: pg-13/crack, het
Characters/Pairing: Micah Sanders/OFC
Summary: Micah’s Martial Arts Instructor is trying to seduce him. She’s good at it.
Word count: 946
Warnings: bad!fic
Notes: More than just a little inspired by The Graduate (and it’s so bad, please forgive me, Mrs. Robinson…) For the bad!fic challenge at heroes_faves, this will be the last one! Very much inspired by The Mary Sue Generator, I just couldn’t resist writing this silly thing.

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(Bad)Fic in which Mr. Muggles and I read slash!!

Title: Fic in which Mr. Muggles and I read slash
Fandom: Heroes
Rating/Genre: pg?/crack (or something close to it)
Characters/Pairing: Me, The Bennet family; references to Noah/Angela, Peter Gabriel/everyone
Summary: A scene from the kitchen while we are eating waffles talking about Peter Gabriel.
Word count: 538
Disclaimer: I only own me, not the Bennets. Peter Gabriel belongs to kidarania_nika (except the real person with the same name who is his own person).
Warnings: It’s for the bad!fic challenge!!!
Notes: This is a spinoff from kidarania_nika’s fic (because this challenge is inspiring like this, posted with permission), based on a series of comments in my journal.Background story: I had written a non-fluffy fic and we like waffles and… and you don’t really need to know.

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Bad!fic: The Lifesaver

Title: The Lifesaver
Fandom: Heroes
Rating/Genre: PG/fluff, femslash, badfic
Characters/Pairing: Kate ‘Kitty-Cat’ Bennet and her family, Angela and her sons, Sylar; Kate/Angela
Summary: Did you guys know that Claire has an older (adopted) sister? She has the ability to heal other people. That’s a good ability to have in season three.
Word count: Leave it to me to almost exceed the upper limit: 1 800
Warnings: This soup is made of one cup of Bennet-fluff, three cups of shameless Angela-adoration, and a tablespoon of Sylar-death…
Notes: For the "Bad Fic Challenge" at heroes_faves. This is inspired by almost everybody else (and a special thanks to jackvelvet for putting the word "adoption" in my mind - really, this started from that!) and I don’t know if ppl take that as a compliment in a bad!fic challenge but you know, that’s how inspiration works sometimes… I kind of wish I hadn’t written anything Angela-related because that’s what I almost always do anyway*blush*

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All the heroes are suddenly gay...

Title: All of us are gay
Fandom: Heroes
Characters/pairings: Ensemble, Sylar-centric (sic!!), various pairings (slash, femslash)
Rating/Genre: pg-13/slash
Written for comment_fic, promt: Sylar has a cracky dream/nightmare that all of the heroes are suddenly gay
Spoilers/Warnings: None/light petrellicest (something I thought I’d never write)
Word count: 1 342
Note: I’m sorry if I failed at “cracky”… I just saw this promt and something made me write it...

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