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Time to let Downton Abbey have its own index post :)


The stories are listed in this order:

1. Sarah O’Brien-centric fics [8]
* Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles drabble cycle [6 of 30]
* Other Sarah/Cora fics [2]
2. Other downstairs characters [4]
3. The Crawley sisters [2]
4. Crossovers [1]

1. Sarah O’Brien-centric fics

Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles drabble cycle

Tiger Dreams: Sarah O'Brien daydreams in the kitchen. Downton Abbey. (g) 250 words. (Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles series, #1)

Sarah, Alone: vaguely implied Sarah/Cora, (g) 250 words. (Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles series, #2)

The First: Miss O’Brien remembers her first childhood love. Sarah/ofc (g) 250 words. (Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles series, #3)

A Red, Red Rose: William plays the piano in the kitchen and nobody knows what Sarah is thinking. Vaguely Sarah/Cora. (g) 250 words. (Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles series, #4)

Ladies and Maids: O'Brien tries to give Gwen a word of advice. (g) 222 words. (Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles series, #5)

Come Again: Cora's had a visit from a childhood friend. Sarah is glad to see her leave. (g) 249 words. (Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles series, #6)

Other Sarah/Cora fics

Changes: Cora doesn't like how Robert seems to feel about the war. O'Brien wants to make her feel better. Femslash. (pg-13) 2 699 words.

The Five Loves of Sarah O'Brien: Five people Sarah loved that didn't love her back, and the one person who did but she never knew. Original characters, Sarah/Cora. Femslash, angst. 2 440 words. WARNING: character death.

2. Other downstairs characters

Warm Bread Anna is thinking about Bates. She and Daisy have a late night talk in the kitchen. (g) 1 241 words.

Understanding: Carson’s thoughts about O’Brien in the shadow of the war, Thomas’ thoughts about the war and the letters in his pocket. (g) 861 words.

Sweet Daisy: William's father has very warm feelings for his new "daugther" and tries not to be unhappy. (g) 581 words.

How To Dance Without Blushing: Downton Abbey, slightly AU femslash fic in which Sarah O'Brien teaches Daisy and Jane how to dance. Daisy/O'Brien, Jane & Mrs Patmore. (pg-13) 1680 words.

3. The Crawley sisters

Dusty Old Cup Sybil tries to talk to Edith about sisterhood, love and future plans but Edith isn't very easy to talk to. (g) 955 words.

But I Wish I Was Dead: Edith's thoughts after the greatest tragedy of her life. Edith/Lavinia angst. (pg-13) 934 words. WARNING: character death.

4. Crossovers

The Devil Wears Prada

The Ghost of Downton Abbey: Andy is a servant at Downton Abbey. One day Miranda Priestly, Lady Grantham’s old friend, comes to visit. Miranda/Andy, Thomas, Daisy, Anna, implied Cora/O’Brien, references to other DA characters. (pg-13) 3 452 words.
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