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Index: Kyou Kara Maou fanfic

This is a list of all my Kyou Kara Maou fanfiction. I’ve been writing so much of it lately that it deserves its own index post. :)

The stories are listed in this order, at least for now:

1. Conrad-centric [9]
* Conrad/Günter [5]
* Conrad/Yuuri [1]
* General [3]
2. Gwendal [8]
* Gwendal/Yozak [6]
* Gwendal/Günter [1]
* Gisela/Gwendal [1]
3. Wolfram and Yuuri [5]
* Wolfram/Yuuri (canon, UST/unrequited) [2]
* WIP: Chérie's Baby (Wolfram&Yuuri/Sara, others) [3]
4. Other - rare pairings & minor characters [3]



He Was A Student Once: One morning Conrad and Günter have a quiet conversation about the past and Conrad thinks about what could have been… maybe. (g) 861 words.

A Little Help from the Fairies: By making a mistake that upsets Günter, Yuuri and the other youngsters get to hear (carefully selected parts of) a story about how he and Conrad once found a precious old book. (pg-13) 6003 words. Slash, fluff.

Beautiful Day, Bad Dreams: Kyou Kara Maou, Conrad is out on a picnic with Günter, Greta and her daddies. Angst, hurt/comfort, fluff. (pg-13) 2751 words. Gen. Friendship rather than slash, but it’s there if you squint…

Shampoo: Günter doesn’t let just anybody touch his hair, but now that he has been confined to bed for several days and can’t wash it, he’s ready to make an exception for a trusted friend. (pg-13) 4 196 words.

Scarves: To Conrad’s utter amazement, Günter reveals that he has a thing for silk. And, sometimes, for being the one in charge… (R) 1309 words. Plot, what plot?


The Bond: Conrad, Yozak and Murata have found their way into Ranjeel’s castle, walking in the shadows. Yuuri, Wolfram and Fanvalen are attending the party in the glittering lights. Both Conrad and Yuuri experience something… different. Based on episodes 85 and 86. (g) 1134 words. Fluff.

Conrad, gen

Protecting Young Lovers: Cecilie and Conrad have a talk about love and the future of Wolfram and Yuuri. Conrad is worried about Saralegui's role in Yuuri's life. (g) 1066 words. Gen, implied slash.

War Is No Place For Dreamers: A short scene from the war. Warning: angst, violence. (R) 1899 words. Conrad, Yozak, original characters.

A short scene from king Saralegui's castle: Based on the beginning of episode 98. Conrad is wondering about Sara's intentions, and is worried about his little brother... Canon Wolfram/Yuuri, implied Yuuri/Sara. 604 words. (g)



Working Late: Gwendal and Yozak are having a secret affair. (pg-13) 879 words. [Yozak-centric]

Cold Hands: Sometimes, when Gwendal can't sleep he thinks about fire. (pg-13) 368 words. Gwendal/Yozak, in his dreams.

Saving Anissina: During his and Anissina's fake elopement, Gwendal finds himself thinking a lot about Yozak, and about the time when they were all young. (g) 3 857 words. Family/friendship, mild slash.

The Kiss: Gwendal wants to talk to Yozak about something important. It doesn’t turn out exactly like Gwendal had planned, but… perhaps better than what he could have imagined! (pg-13) 3 500 words.

The Party: Chérie and Conrad like parties; Gwendal and Anissina do not; Yozak is nervous. Somehow, all of this makes Gwendal push Anissina and Yozak into making a bet… Young!Gwendal, Anissina and Yozak; no pairings unless you squint: you'll see it if you want to. ;) (g) 3 421

A Private Concert: Yuuri keeps learning new things about his friends in Shin Makoku. This time it’s about one of Gwendal’s secret talents – one that Yozak knows and appreciates a lot! 2408 words.


Busy Day: When the long day is over, Gwendal has to face his loneliness... Gwendal/Günter. (pg-13) 2057 words.


The Surprise: The approaching war creates tensions that some people deal with by making drastic decisions and unusual requests. To Gwendal, Gisela is just a nice girl and a good healer and when she wants to go with him on a ride one day, he doesn’t know what to think… (pg) 4 617 words.

Wolfram and Yuuri

White Nights: Wolfram is awake while Yuuri is sleeping. UST/angst. (g) 455 words.

On Fire: Wolfram is thinking about Yuuri. Loving that boy is painful... (pg-13) 1242 words. UST/angst.

Chérie's Baby: The ex-queen is having a baby but no husband. This shocks Yuuri, and Conrad takes the opportunity to talk to him about values, tolerance - and about Wolfram. (pg-13) 2 998 words. Family/friendship, mentions slash and femslash.

Yuuri's Decision: Sequel to Chérie's Baby. Yuuri thinks about what to do, and hopes that in the end, he and Wolfram can both find happiness somehow, without hurting Greta in the process. And not that he's eavesdropping, but he overhears something between Chérie and Anissina... (pg) 2719 words.

About Flowers and Bees: Sequel to "Yuuri's Decision". Yuuri knows what he wants, but it turns out other people are not very happy about that. Yuuri/Saralegui. With Greta, Shouri, Beryes and others. (pg) 4 881 words.

Other - rare pairings & minor characters

From the Trash Can: Adelbert’s heart is broken beyond repair and any wise woman would stay away from him. Velma, though, just wants his body… right? (R) 1137 words. Het!

Under the Cherry Trees: KKM, Fluurin rarely smiles in the spring, except when she is dreaming. She smiles, sometimes, when she is walking, alone in the cool evenings, under the cherry trees in her garden. Het, femslash. Fluurin/Norman, Fluurin/Cheri/Fanvalen. (R) 3295 words.

When Sparks Fly: Gisela overhears some maids talk about Queen Cecilie's stormy love life. (Pre-war fic.) Julia/Adelbert, Cecilie/von Bielefelt, Cecilie/Dan Hiri, Cecilie/von Voltaire, von Bielefelt/anyone? (pg) 2337 words.

Works in progress:

*Shouri/Alazon, Mrs Robinson-style (waiting to be posted)
*Sequel to Chérie's Baby (one more chapter, in progress; almost done)
*Gwendal, Greta and a kitten (in progress)
*Yozak/Wolfram (in progress)
*Anissina/Gisela (in progress)
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