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Martial Arts and Other Arts (bad!fic)

Title: Martial Arts and Other Arts
Fandom: Heroes
Rating/Genre: pg-13/crack, het
Characters/Pairing: Micah Sanders/OFC
Summary: Micah’s Martial Arts Instructor is trying to seduce him. She’s good at it.
Word count: 946
Warnings: bad!fic
Notes: More than just a little inspired by The Graduate (and it’s so bad, please forgive me, Mrs. Robinson…) For the bad!fic challenge at heroes_faves, this will be the last one! Very much inspired by The Mary Sue Generator, I just couldn’t resist writing this silly thing.

Micah's Martial Arts Instructor Clarity le Croix was a Professional Athlete. This profession had given her an Intriguing Scar that looked kind of like the one on future!Peter. But Clarity le Croix looked nothing like him apart from this distinguishing mark, because she had Sun-kissed Chestnut colored hair. She also had Hazy Cerulean eyes and she was the most attractive woman Micah had ever seen. He was so lucky to have her as his instructor. (Micah was trying to honour the memory of his dead mother and her alter ego Jessica by becoming a better fighter.)

Clarity was bored one day after their usual four hours of practise. (This was nothing for her; she could easily have kept going for at least twice as long because she was a professional.)

She told Micah to drive her home, not because she couldn’t drive but because it was so much fun bossing him around. He was recently graduated from college and he had told her he was sort of disturbed about things. She decided to help take his mind off things.

When they were in her house she looked at him with her hazy cerulean eyes while they were having a drink and she could tell by the look on his face that she really turned him on just by looking at him like that.

She talked to him in a bored tone of voice until he finally seemed to get it and he blurted out:

“Madame le Croix, you’re trying to seduce me!”

She laughed at him because he really was too cute. She wasn’t trying to seduce him, she was seducing him, period. She knew that she could because he was young and impressionable and horny and she was a hot mature woman who made heads turn everywhere she went. It was partly the scar’s doing and partly her perfume, the scent called ‘Summersweet Garden.’

She took him upstairs under the pretext of wanting to show him the portrait of her daughter. (She did this because her daughter Elaine was nothing next to her and no competition at all. Micah would never leave her for Elaine, never!)

Clarity felt so powerful and sexy. She knew Micah wanted her more than anything, he had hardly been drinking at all (his mom Niki had taught him drinking was bad) but Clarity’s ‘Summersweet Garden’ was intoxicating enough to make his head spin.

Then she scared him by taking her clothes off.

“You’re not still thinking I’m trying to seduce you, are you?” she said teasingly. Micah’s mouth was dry and he couldn’t answer her. His eyes said it all. And the not-so-discreet bulge in his pants said the same thing.

“Do you want me to seduce you? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

“Oh god let me out!”

Micah didn’t really want to get out but he had never seen a naked hot woman before (in real life, that is – everybody knows porn isn’t realistic, at least that’s what Niki always said) and the amazing view before his eyes was simply too much for the poor boy to handle.

Before he left, Madame le Croix told him that she was ‘available’ and she knew that before long she was going to claim his young and somewhat athletic virginal body.

Clarity le Croix seduced him, finally, in a hotel room. Micah was embarrassed because he was a virgin and he didn’t get that that’s exactly what turned Madame le Croix on. The sex was kind of clumsy and awkward at first because of this but Clarity didn’t mind because she was an experienced instructor. She was already the best Martial Arts Instructor Micah could ever have and now she was also his Art of Love Making Instructor. (Clarity was so good at this it could practically be her other part time job.)

They met regularly for a couple of weeks. (Micah was not terrible in bed after some practise.) Micah liked to kiss her scar and run his fingers through her flowing sun-kissed chestnut hair. And then one day they began randomly speaking about Elaine when they were in bed. Micah wanted to know more about Clarity’s personal history and all that, getting to know her a little better, but Clarity was pretty pissed about that. She only wanted him for sex; she didn’t want a serious romantic relationship.

And although she knew for a fact that she didn’t have to forbid Micah to ever mention Elaine’s name again (she knew that she was the sexiest woman in the world and Elaine was no threat at all) she decided to tell Micah her secret to keep him interested in her no matter what.

“Micah, I’ve never told you this but I’m special.”

“Of course,” he replied, “you’re a professional athlete and the world’s best martial arts instructor and also super hot! Your scar is so sexy and you smell so good. What could be more special than that?”

“I see dead people,” Clarity le Croix said, and her hazy cerulean eyes sparkled.

Micah gasped, thinking that this was too good to be true.

“Can you talk to the dead people you see?”

“Yes,” she replied with her most seductive tone of voice.

That’s when Micah knew that he was never going to leave Clarity le Croix. Not only was she the most attractive of all the women he knew, she was also the world’s greatest martial arts instructor, and she could get in touch with his dead mother Niki whom he missed every single day.

Micah Sanders had never been happier and Clarity le Croix was happy too because her mission to seduce him and keep him by her side forever was now accomplished.

(Author's Notes: This: Clarity was pretty pissed about that. She only wanted him for sex; she didn’t want a serious romantic relationship. is not true. The truth is that Mrs. Robinson is terribly scared of getting hurt. The things she says to make Ben stay away from Elaine only makes him do it; she brings this upon herself. By talking of what she's mot afraid of (getting rejected, replaced by someone younger) she makes it happen, because she doesn't trust her power to make a person love her, so she's just acting mean like she doesn't care. Ben doesn't get her because he's too stupid and she's too proud/scared; they never truly talk and I just can't accept the way they talk about the ending in the extra material on the DVD I've got. Ben/Elaine is not the greatest romance ever, it is wrong./end of crazy!fangirl's ramblings.)
Tags: !fanfic, *fandom: heroes, character: micah sanders, genre: crack, genre: het, length: oneshot, rating: pg-13

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