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Bad!fic: The Lifesaver

Title: The Lifesaver
Fandom: Heroes
Rating/Genre: PG/fluff, femslash, badfic
Characters/Pairing: Kate ‘Kitty-Cat’ Bennet and her family, Angela and her sons, Sylar; Kate/Angela
Summary: Did you guys know that Claire has an older (adopted) sister? She has the ability to heal other people. That’s a good ability to have in season three.
Word count: Leave it to me to almost exceed the upper limit: 1 800
Warnings: This soup is made of one cup of Bennet-fluff, three cups of shameless Angela-adoration, and a tablespoon of Sylar-death…
Notes: For the "Bad Fic Challenge" at heroes_faves. This is inspired by almost everybody else (and a special thanks to jackvelvet for putting the word "adoption" in my mind - really, this started from that!) and I don’t know if ppl take that as a compliment in a bad!fic challenge but you know, that’s how inspiration works sometimes… I kind of wish I hadn’t written anything Angela-related because that’s what I almost always do anyway*blush*

You know all about that ‘Save the Cheerleader save the World’, right? Yes, Claire went through a lot, that’s true, but did you that Claire has an older sister? No, I didn’t think so. Let me tell you about her!

Okay, so Kate’s not really her sister because if she were she’d look like her but she doesn’t, she’s got brown hair and glasses and even when hell freezes over she wouldn’t get the idea to be a cheerleader (she read books and does serious stuff like that, you know?) because they’re all adopted.

Let me give you a quick background. The thing is, their parents couldn’t have biological children (but Sandra really, really wanted to adopt). So when the Company gave Noah custody of Claire she was very happy. And then Kate came along. And she was sort of responsible for bringing Lyle into the family.

Kate was already a few years old, you see (but she didn’t remember her birth parents and I think you all can guess why..!!). Unlike Claire she can’t heal when she gets hurt but she can heal other people. That’s what she did once with Sandra; Sandra got all her memories back of every time when René had been visiting, and she suddenly realized that both Claire and Kate were ‘Special’ and she was afraid that the big world and some future event were going to take them away from her. She asked Noah to give her a ‘normal’ child.

Lyle doesn’t have any abilities. And that’s why she, perhaps, loves him a little more. Of course, for many years she didn’t know any of this because René came back.

“Listen to me, Kitty-Cat,” Noah said and gave Kate a very deep, meaningful look, “it’s a truly wonderful gift you have there. But you can’t use it on your mom’s memories because it’s important for the safety of this family that she doesn’t remember certain things. And for the same reason you’ve got to keep your ability a secret. Do you understand, Kitty-Cat?”

“Yes dad,” she said. Of course she didn’t understand all of it but she loved him and didn’t want to disappoint him.

“That’s my good girl,” he smiled with that warm smile that always made the kids feel so safe and protected. “Come on, let’s go get Claire-Bear and get us some waffles, okay?”

Lyle doesn’t have a nickname but it’s hard to make his name rhyme with any cute animal. It doesn’t mean he’s any less loved.

Okay, I suppose I should fast-forward now a few years, or else you’ll die from an overdose of sugar if I start talking of the Bennet-kids waffle-filled fluffy childhood, because it totally was that, you know.

Unlike Claire her older sister didn’t have all that drama in her life. High school was uneventful. She did some discreet healing work sometimes (leave it to Claire to create headlines by walking through fire) and she stayed away from quarterbacks and the likes of them (she had *cough* other *cough* inclinations, if you see what I mean…). She was already in college when her sister went through all that and everything else that happened to all those people who were trying to save the world.

But everything started to change for Kate one day when her dad told her Angela Petrelli had told him that she had a dream about Kate doing something very important that was going to save them all some day soon. And that confused and amazed her very much. (Because she had heard about Claire’s bio-family and the lady who can dream the future – you know, almost everything she dreams comes true even if it doesn’t always happen exactly the way she thought it would but that’s totally not her fault! And Kate already knew that instinctively because she’s smart like that.)

“Claire is already with her biological family,” Noah explained, “and Angela asked me to make sure my older daughter is ready. She sounded very eager to meet you, Kitty-Cat. I’m afraid I’ll loose all my girls to the Petrelli family.”

“Don’t be silly,” Kate said and gave him a big bear hug, “we love you, dad, and we’re not going anywhere.”

“I take that as a promise, Kitty-Cat.”

Well, you know what they say – thou shall not give thy father too many promises…

The next day she went back to her college that she was soon going to graduate from and she began waiting for her destiny.

If Kate had ever thought about meeting her Destiny before then maybe she would have thought of it as a girl’s name but she thought again when she got a phone call from no one else but Angela Petrelli.

“Get on a bus immediately,” the unknown woman ordered with a voice that already begun to sound familiar to her ears, “I’ll be waiting for you when you get here.”

It was true; when Kate got off the bus she saw a dark-haired woman with a black leather jacket and diamond earrings. The woman looked like a very sexy mixture of someone who normally was very powerful and elegant but who now desperately needed to be saved from a fate worse than death.

Thinking that made Kate feel brave, strong, important and proud.

“You must be Mrs. Petrelli,” she said. “I’m Kate Bennet.”

Angela extended her right hand:

“Call me Angela.”

Then she added:

“I know who you are. And you’re even prettier than in my dreams.”

Kate became red as a tomato.

She must be making fun of me, maybe she has dreamed that I find her dangerously attractive…

She didn’t feel brave and strong anymore. But Angela wasted no more time on small talk; instead, she dragged the very confused young woman along with her and she pointed to a building.

“Your dad and Claire are in there with my sons and Sylar. Nathan’s life is in danger but you will save him.”

(You didn’t see that one coming, did you?! I know you didn’t.)

The life of her little sister’s bio-dad in danger?! Kate’s heart was beating hard as a hammer. Now she really heard the call of Destiny. As if she was guided by a blind inner force, a strength she didn’t know she had, she rushed first and found the right room.

Ooops, Nathan Petrelli looks very dead!

She told Angela not to come into the room, but Angela ignored her and her outcry was terrible to hear. It made the blood in Kate’s veins freeze to ice.

Noah and the motionless body of Sylar, white as a ghost, were also in the room and Angela looked desperately at the body and exclaimed:

“If we’re too late to save my son I would almost like to call Matt Parkman and make him replace Sylar’s memories with Nathan’s.”

Noah shook his head disapprovingly.

“Angela, Angela! That’s a crazy thing to say. You’re clearly not at all yourself right now. Why don’t you take a moment and remember your important dream. There’s no need to do anything you’ll regret now that Kate is here.”

Kate walked up to the fatally wounded man, seemingly dead as a doornail, and gently pushing the grieving woman aside she said confidently:

“He’s not completely dead yet. It takes more than this to challenge my ability.”

Kate did her thing and brought Nathan Petrelli back to live.

Then they made sure Sylar wasn’t going to come back to life and to make really, really sure of that they made a huge bonfire somewhere in the middle of nowhere and all of them and some other people Kate didn’t know watched the villain burn.

“Is he really dead?” Claire asked.

“Yes, Claire-Bear,” Noah said reassuringly, “he’s really dead.”

“But what will happen to his ashes?” Kate asked on his other side, “what if some bird or something accidently swallows some of it, could it get some of his abilities?”

“I don’t think human DNA and bird DNA can be combined like that,” said the scientist of the group.

“You overanalyze things,” Noah said with his best ‘daddy-knows-best’-smile, “don’t do that, Kitty-Cat.”

“Okay dad.”

And now you all think the story is over but wait a minute. There’s an epilogue to this because all good stories need a hot sex scene something romantic that later turns into a hot sex scene before they end.

“It’s good to see you again, Angela. Thanks for inviting me.”

They were at a restaurant that looked expensive and the woman who was standing before her was dressed in an elegant black dress and the candle lights and the lights from the cut-glass chandeliers reflected in her jewellery, her hair in an elegant coiffure and most of all in her eyes.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, like a vision, and Kate had to brace herself not to swoon at the sight of her.

“The least I can do is take you to dinner, Kate. You saved my son’s life. I don’t think I ever thanked you properly.”

“Oh, um, it was my pleasure…”

Would you care to hear my improper ideas for how you can thank me?

Angela smirked knowingly as if she could see right through her (Kate wouldn’t put it beyond her) but she knew for a fact that mind-reading wasn’t Angela’s thing and remembering that made her feel safer.

They sat down together and enjoyed a very nice meal and pleasant conversation and Kate watched the older woman holding her glass of white wine so elegantly and she gave up trying to hide the lust admiration and desire warm appreciation she knew was shining through her eyes like bright starlight clouded by her attraction.

“I like you very much, Kate,” Angela said.

Angela put her glass down and reached over the table elegantly and took Kate’s hand.

Kate gasped at the sudden contact and her eyes went wide.

“Why that look? Does it surprise you that I find you attractive?”

It did surprise her very much but suddenly all her self-doubts seemed to magically disappear into thin air as if a fairy godmother was waving her magic wand over them. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world that a woman more than twice her age looked at her in that way. (She didn’t stop to think about how Claire or Noah was going to react.)

“Don’t mistake my affection for simple gratitude,” the elegant woman said. “It’s much, much, much more than that.”

“Oh,” Kate whispered, “kiss me…”

And that’s what Angela did.

And now, let’s leave them there; let’s sneak out of the room silently and pretend we didn’t see anything and didn’t hear anything, because what happens next is in a ‘friends only’ fic more secret than the most secret of Noah’s old Company files.

<3 <3 <3 The End! <3 <3 <3
Tags: !fanfic, *fandom: heroes, character: angela petrelli, character: noah bennet, character: ofc, genre: crack, genre: femslash, length: oneshot, pairing: angela/ofc, rating: pg

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