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Index: The Devil Wears Prada

This is a list of all my DWP fanfiction. The list will be updated regularly here and in the big master list post on top of my journal. This post is here to make it easier for you if you don’t want to read through the list with all fandoms. ;) The pairings are listed in this order:

1. Miranda/Andy
*Andy-centric or Miranda-centric fics (20)
* Emily-centric (4)
2. Emily/Serena (1)
3. Andy/Cassidy and Andy/Jacqueline (2)
4. Crossovers (3)


When was the last time you danced?: To get the attention off her giant yawn, Andy starts talking about dancing; much to Miranda’s astonishment – could her bold suggestion even get her fired? (g) 741 words.

Imaginary Music: The same story as above, but in the shape of a short drabble from Miranda’s point of view. (g) 200 words.

Still of the Night: Something is happening to Miranda, every night. She doesn’t know why it happens or even if she wants it to happen – but it does. And she can’t tell anyone about it. (pg-13) 1 950 words.

Someone to trust, 1/3: Cassidy is burdened by a heavy secret, and she’s afraid to talk to her mother about it. She decides to confide in Andy, because she knows her to be trustworthy – unaware of the fact that other people have secrets, too, and the question is: who is going to be the first one to break the silence? (g) 2 582 words.

Someone to trust, 2/3: Knowing Cassidy's problem, Andy wants Miranda to tell the girls the truth, but Miranda doesn't think that they're ready yet... (g) 656 words.

Someone to trust,3/3: Miranda has always been good at keeping secrets, and she likes them, too. She doesn’t even mind being in the closet. But when she finds out that she’s not the only one with secrets, she is forced to act, for Cassidy's sake. (g) 3 824 words.

Nigel the Matchmaker: Andy doesn't think that anyone knows about her crush on Miranda, but then Nigel starts talking... (pg) 5 484 words.

The Hunger, Andy knows that Fashion Week in Paris means so much to Emily, so she refuses to take her place. But the only way Andy can avoid going is to solve an almost impossible task Miranda sets for her... (pg-13 for disturbing theme) 6 942 words.

Stormy Weather: Andy discovers one of Miranda's well-hidden secrets. She develops a new pastime, as well as a new way of bonding with the twins. (pg) 5 816 words

Spaceship Runway, Secret Santa fic for punky_96. Miranda is the captain of Spaceship Runway, the most prominent explorer and ambassador ship of the galaxy. The annual Explorer Week is approaching; last year, the week ended with Nigel getting very disappointed and Andy almost walking away. If that seems like problems, it’s nothing compared to the challenge that meets Miranda now… (pg) 7 131 words.

The Blue Hour: A fairy tale in which Miranda is the Snow Queen. (pg) 2 044 words.

The Birthday: It is a lovely spring morning, and Miranda is telling a story from her past while a baby sleeps in her arms. (g) 4 788 words.

La musique imaginaire (g) Imaginary Music + When Was the Last Time You Danced? in French.

Rose Colored Rain: After Andy leaves Miranda, she takes a long walk in Paris, and it starts to rain. (g) Link goes to the Comment Ficathon. (Length: three comments)

Dark Labyrinth: Emily forgets her cell phone after a photo shoot at a cemetery. Andy volunteers to go get it for her. (g) Link goes to the Comment Ficathon. (Length: four comments)

Tears: A different take on the "Miranda opens up a little to Andy in her hotel room in Paris" scene. (pg) Link goes to the Comment Ficathon. (Length: one comment)

: Being A Bad Girl Has Its Rewards: AU where Miranda is a Headmistress and Andy an adoring student. 3 561 words of smut. (nc-17)

In the Deep Woods, Chapter 1: After leaving Runway, Andy tries to find a new beginning far away. Years later, Miranda has to face her past. Are both of them going to be unhappy forever? (g) 4 788 words. (eventual Mirandy - Em/Serena, Nigel/Doug - twins, angst, religious themes... WIP)

French Runway: 1. I Love Paris: AU: Andy works for Jacqueline in Paris. Miranda comes to visit, Emily has an accident, romance happens... (g) 2573 words. 2. Champs Elysées, 2 745 words. 3. The Dinner, 4 255 words.

Eyes of the Forest: Reply to comment fic-a-thon prompt for Mirandy & twins and ghost stories. Fluffy/cracky, or just silly... (g) 764 words.


Emily's Secret Love,1/2: What Happened In Paris?, Emily-centric Mirandy fic; Emily is trying to understand why Miranda has been so upset since Paris. (g) 2 083 words. (With unrequited Emily/Miranda)

Emily's Secret Love, 2/2: When She Smiles Emily is struggling to accept Miranda’s relationship with Andy, and the new girl can’t understand why the assistant is more devilish than the boss. (g) 1 102 words.

Merry Christmas, Emily: Emily has always been in charge of the Christmas decorations. This year, with Andrea there, she doesn’t see the point of putting up the mistletoe. (g) 1098 words. Implied Miranda/Andy; unrequited Emily/Miranda.

You Are A Tree, a poem, Emily's pov. (g) 94 words. Implied Miranda/Andy; unrequited Emily/Miranda.


Love Will Tear Us Apart Emily is drunk and asleep, and Serena thinks about what she would like to say to her. (pg) 345 words.


Open Door: Cassidy (18 years old in this fic) is not feeling well, and Andy is asked to check up on her, and in doing so, she discovers something... An attempt at smut. (pg-13) 1 128 words.


Blind: Andy feels that Miranda is colder than ice. Jacqueline, however, is anything but cold, and a whole new world of emotions opens up to Andy. But Jacqueline has her own agenda... Written for a prompt. (pg-13) 1918 words. Warning: angst!



Fugitives, in which Andy is Nathan & Peter Petrelli's younger sister. Based on Heroes season 3 and explores Miranda's background. Femslash; Miranda/Andy and past Miranda/Alice. (Complete, prologue & 7 chapters.)

Loyalty: Miranda finds out Andy's secret and starts questioning her loyalty. (Andy's pov)(g) 250 words

Part one, Someone You Care About: Andy finds out that Miranda is in danger, and in rescuing her she reveals her ability. (Andy's pov) (pg) 1000 words.

Part two, Flying: Now they have to decide what to do next. Miranda is worried about her children, who have secrets of their own. (Miranda's pov from here.) (g) 4 010 words.

Part three, A Safe Place In the cabin, Miranda thinks about their situation and about the last time she spoke to Andy’s mother Angela many years ago... (g)1 920 words.

Part four, Fishing and Digging: Being together in the cabin in the mountain feels almost like a real nice vacation, and Miranda finally tells Andy about her ability. She even starts thinking about love. All is peaceful… until Andy gets a phone call from Peter, who tells her that Angela wants them to be somewhere… (pg) 5 016 words.

Part five, Welcome To Coyote Sands: Not only Angela but also Miranda has to face her past. She is thinking about her childhood, and how her life took an unexpected turn in 1961... (g) 2 724

Part six, Déjà vu: Miranda knows that she has to talk to Andrea about her feelings, but Angela has a few things to say, too. And they have to find out about Alice... (g) 2 476 words.

Part seven, Say Goodnight, Alice: They find out the truth, and some of them can start thinking about going back home. (g) 4 455 words.

The Graduate

Mrs. Priestly - The Seduction of Andrea SachsAU: at her graduation party, Andy discovers that Mrs. Priestly is trying to seduce her. Andy gets a job at Runway, and then she meets Elaine Robinson, Miranda's daugther from her first marriage. Everything explodes in Paris, and Andy has a big decision to make... (pg-13) (Complete, five chapters, beta read.)

Chapter 1, in which Andy is “sort of disturbed about things” and finally figures out that: Mrs Priestly you’re trying to seduce me!"
Chapter 2, in which they are in a hotel room and Andy blurts out: I think you’re the most attractive of all my parent’s friends
Chapter 3, in which Andy wants more, and suggests: Do you think we could say a few words to each other first this time?
Chapter 4, in which Elaine is a frequent topic of discussion: Andy stared at her parents. What were they, a couple of matchmakers?
Chapter five: This is it, Andy thought, it’s now or never

Downton Abbey

The Ghost of Downton Abbey: Andy is a servant at Downton Abbey. Miranda is Lady Grantham's old friend who comes to visit, and things begin to change both for Andy and Cora. (pg-13)
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