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Index: Heroes fanfic

This is a list of all my Heroes fanfiction. The list will be updated regularly here and in the big master list post on top of my journal. This is to make it easier for you if you don’t want to read through the list with all fandoms. ;)

The stories are listed in this order:

1. All Angela Petrelli fics
*Angela/Noah [13]
* various femslash pairings (Heidi, Ishi, Elle, Sandra, Victoria) [19]
* gen, or het other than Noah, or vague, unspecified pairings [14]
2. Matt, Mohinder and Molly, slash or gen. [12]
3. The Bennet Family, gen, het or slash. [11]
4. The Petrelli Family, gen and slash including Petlar [7]
5. Elle-centric fics [3]
6. Niki and Micah Sanders [1]
7. Crack/bad!fic [4]



The Power of Dreams Young Noah has a secret crush on Angela, not knowing how this will affect his future for many years to come. (g) 970 words. Romance.

Claire Bennetrelli Claire-centric fic; Angela and Noah reveals some shocking news about her real parents. Written for a prompt. (g) 741 words. (warning: not a very good one)

Masquerade: It's Halloween. Someone hosts a party. Noah recognizes the woman with the gold mask... (pg) 1 148 words. Romance/surreal.

The Pianist: Angela has a secret second "ability" that she tells Noah about when they leave Coyote Sands, and he wants to know more about it. (g) 2 105 words. Drama/Romance.

Intermission: Because Angela asked him to, Noah is digging up graves with her sons and with Claire. Then he asks for some alone time with her, thinking that there’s something she hasn’t told him yet. But Angela doesn’t feel like talking. Smut

Reasons For Staying Away: Angela has dreams about Nathan being someone else, and Noah won’t take her calls. Claire wants to know what’s going on. Finally, Noah wants to talk to Angela about why he has been so distant. For heroes_contest oneshot challenge #36, Favorite couple. This fic begins in the gap of season 3 and season 4, it then jumps to early S4, from there to the final episode, and then it ends post S4. Because this is my attempt to fix things between Angela and Noah. (g) 3459 words. family/friendship

Years of Longing: Inactive work in progress. My first fanfics ever, written long before I watched the last season. Contains bad grammar, disrespect for canon, sometimes bad characterization, shameless romanticizing and downright mistakes. Should be re-written at some point!

One: Becoming A Company Man
The beginning of Angela/Noah, told from Noah’s point of view 20 years later, based on the umbrella scene in “Cold Snap”. (pg) 2 393 words. I don’t really advice you to read this one…
Two: Qu’elle est belle: It’s time for Noah and Sandra’s wedding and Angela is there. (pg) 2 614 words.
Three: Keep Her Safe: Claire is still a little girl, and it is too early for her ability to manifest, but Angela has a dream where this happens. She hurries to Odessa to prevent this, and has a serious conversation with Noah, who tries to understand her motives. (g) 1 723 words.
Four: Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Both of them try to deal with their losses; Noah’s divorce, and Angela with the Sylar!Nathan situation. They happen to meet one night, and finally, they give in to their feelings. (nc-17) 6 434 words. romance, (het) sex (hints of femslash) Also not on my recs list…
Five: Breakfast In Bed It's the beautiful morning after a wonderful and overwhelming night. But will Angela be able to keep her promise to Noah? (pg) 1 547 words.
Six: Can't Give Up: Noah decides not to take no for an answer, and goes to find Angela. On his way, he finds Claire. (g) 1 811 words.



Making Music: A year or so before it all starts. The Petrellis are all spending Christmas Eve together and all is peaceful. Angela plays the piano. Heidi becomes aware of her attraction. Heidi’s point of view. (pg-13) 2 523 words. Romance/Drama.

Nobody’s Toys: When everything is over between Heidi and Nathan, and Heidi and Angela, Monty and Simon are kidnapped by people from Angela’s past, and she and Claire must save the boys. (pg-13 for violence) 5 428 words. Gen, not really femslash.

Young War Buddies: Angela has a day in the park with Heidi and the boys (not really femslash, unless you squint). (g) 673 words.

Sunshine: Short Angela-centric drabble; bittersweet fluffy femslash. (pg-13) 200 words.

Blood and water: Heidi-centric mildly angsty non-romantic fic where she argues with Nathan about which one of them has the most right to get upset about the other one’s sex life. Hints of Nathan/Peter. (pg) 1 180 words.

A Petrelli Family Affair

How did it happen that Nathan Petrelli married a girl like Heidi?

Part One: The family wants Nathan to settle down, but he doesn't think he's ready yet. He meets Heidi; they become friends and he introduces her to the family. (pg) 2 935 words.

Part Two: Heidi gets along very well with the Petrelli family, but why does it seem like Angela and Arthur have the exact opposite opinions of her? (pg) [the femslash starts here] 1 876 words.

Part Three: Angela would have been a most wonderful lover, if it wasn't for one thing that keeps coming up, and eventually brings matters to a head. Nathan feels like he's caught up in something he doesn't understand... (pg) 3 142 words.

Open Door: Angela knows that people think she doesn't like Heidi. She does, and now she wants things to change. Walking in on Heidi doing something very private, she realizes that their reconciliation can bring them closer together than what she thought was possible... (R) 2 778 words. Smut


The Rain Makes The Pain Grow Stronger: Elle is a young girl who is growing up, feeling isolated and longing for the outside world. Angela feels sorry for the lonely, motherless teenager, only to discover that Elle wants more from her than she is willing to give. Angela’s POV. (pg) 1 373 words. Drama



Between Women: Being married to Noah Bennet meant having a life marked by secrets and lies. One of Sandra's secrets began the day Claire's biological grandmother walked in. (pg) 1 299 words. [If you're only going to read one of my fics, this is one of my own favourites...] Drama/Romance.

Secret Visits: Sandra never hesitated when Angela gave her that look... (nc-17) 947 words. Drama/Romance/Smut.

Impulse Buying: Sandra buys a little something for her and Angela to enjoy... (nc-17) 663 words. Smut

Angel in a shower: drabble (nc-17) 250 words. Smut/Romance.

Angela's Garden: Sandra has never won anything in her entire life, but one great surprise takes her to the south of France, where the Petrellis have their summer house... (pg-13)6 178 words. Romance.


See You When I Sleep: Many years ago when they were all young, Angela seduced Kaito Nakamura’s wife Ishi. Angela’s POV. (pg-13) 3 300 + words. (This is the third fanfic I posted to this journal. Nominated for a "Words on the Wind" award.)Romance.

Yes: A short episode meant to take place somewhere in the middle of See You When I Sleep. Angela’s POV. (nc-17) 758 words. Smut

One Last Kiss : Ishi Nakamura was dying and she knew it. The only thing she wished for was one last kiss before death. (pg-13) 1 596 words. Romance.


The Sixth Sense: Matt tries to force Angela to reveal the identity of the woman in the photo; she tries not to be forced. (pg) 500 words.


The Tea Maker: Peter is taken by his mother, who is worried about him because he seems so nervous and depressed, to Jodi, an old friend of Angela who is the owner of a tea house and has a very special and beautiful ability. (g) 1 391 words.

Wish For Something More: Sandra and Angela are having a friendly chat. (g) 325 words.

Bennet’s Little Cheerleader: Angela tries to make Elle understand that being fired is the best thing that could happen to her. [implied Elle/Claire] (g) 849 words.

Movie Night: Angela is watching an old Ava Gardner movie, and remembers her youthful celebrity crush… (pg-13)

Perfect Pearls: Danko’s pov, based on the “oyster-scene” in “Shades of Gray”. Danko really hates powerful women who are out of his reach… (pg) 379 words.

Normal Dreams: As a young mother, Angela is having disturbing dreams that she does not want to think about as precognitions. They are just normal dreams. She asks Adam for advice, thinking that someone his age surely has an answer. (g) 768 words.

Before the Company: Ensemble fic (Angela and the Company founders), Angela/Charles, Angela/Arthur, Bob/OC. Written for Heroes Exchange Xmas 2010. How did it all begin? (g) 6 846 words.

The Interpretation of Dreams. Young Angela finds a book in her father's bookshelf - maybe it has the answers she's looking for? (g) 595 words.

All the Gray Areas: Angela comes to the carnival under the pretext of looking for Claire, and talks to Lydia about black and white. This can, I guess, be read as Angela/Noah and/or Angela/Lydia... (g) 1723 words.

Anything To Save My World: Angela will do anything to save her world; her sons, even when it means she has to get a little too close to Sylar. (g) 481 words.

Truth: Young Angela is beginning to see the truth about her nightmares. (g) 338 words.


2. Matt, Mohinder and Molly

Queer Theory: More Than Friends, the first of five fluffy chapters: Molly is eavesdropping when Mohinder and Matt talk about being queer… (pg) 2 174 words.

What’s Cooking?: More Than Friends, 2/5: Mohinder is on vacation in India; Molly and Matt are trying not to miss him too much… (g) 1 520 words

Home Is Where the Heart Is: More Than Friends, 3/5: Mohinder-centric; he saw and talked to a lot of people in Madras, but mostly, he was thinking about Matt… (g) 1745 words

Forbidden : More Than Friends, 4/5: Molly-centric. What happens now that Mohinder is back from India? (g) 1 318 words.

Indian Breakfast: More Than Friends, 5/5: It is the morning after Mohinder's return, and he and Matt want to tell Molly something important. (g) 1 003 words.

Halloween In Japan Molly doesn't want a family vacation, she wants to stay at home with her friends. Hiro does something to make her feel better. (g) 2 437 words. Fluffy

Democracy: Like all parents, Matt and Mohinder need some time alone away from their kids sometimes. Mohinder has a great idea about what they can do together. Matt isn't so sure he agrees... (pg) 1 800 words. Fluffy

Skipping Pebbles: Something happened with Molly the day she hit her sixteenth birthday and she started seeing Matt and Mohinder in a new light. (Molly is not a cute child anymore, she’s a voyeuristic teenager. This can be considered inappropriate.) (R) 2 739 words.

Visiting the Zoo: Molly and Mohinder visit the zoo. Short and fluffy WAFF-a-thon prompt. (g) 738 words.

Right or Wrong?: Nathan is dead, and Sylar only looks like he's dead. Matt has to decide if he's going to do what Angela wants, or not. (pg) 558 words. No pairings.

To Make a Girl: When Mohinder was little, Chandra liked to dress him as a girl. (g) 2 119 words. (Kink meme prompt)

Cruel Nature: Molly wants to get pregnant. She talks to Mohinder about it. (g) 2 494 words. (references to Matt/Mohinder.) Vaguely fluffy hurt/comfort angst? (kink meme prompt)

3. The Bennet Family

She's Got That Something: While Claire and Sandra are trying to help Alex, Lyle is thinking about his life and the situation for the Bennet family. (g) 563 words. Gen.

My Sister’s Brothers: Claire wants only one thing for Christmas, and that is to bring both her families together. Although not everyone think it’s a great idea, they all go through with it, for her sake. Lyle is very uncomfortable with having the Petrellis in his home. (g) 1 718 words. A bit fluffy!

Beastly Bob Claire and Lyle want their dad to tell them a scary story before it's time for bed, but Noah isn't that good at making things up... (g) 1 491 words. Gen (fluffy, crack?)

Thankful: Claire/Gretchen are on a roadtrip and find a nice place to rest. (pg) 557 words. Romance, fluff.

Suspicions: Sandra finds a little something in Noah's pocket. (pg) 875 words. (Implied Noah/Angela).

The Watch and the Wind Chime: Something happens to Lyle, and Claire sees the opportunity to be a hero… with a little help from her Haitian friend. (g) 2 141 words. Gen

Fire and Flames: Looking at their sleeping baby in her crib, Noah and Sandra talk about love and fire. (g) 745 words.

Invisible Breathing: When Noah is with Claude, he learns to hold his breath. (pg-13) 500 words. (slash)

Red Dress: Lyle's mom tells him about how she has revaluated her feeling for Doug after the Thanksgiving dinner. (g) 1116 words.

Defenceless: Lyle wants something else from Noah than protection. (g) 452 words.

Truth in Fiction: Noah began a new life when his first wife died; a life he had complete control over… (g) 499 words.


The Petrelli Family

Thanks For Nothing Nathan-centric oneshot; Nathan has a conversation with Linderman about Niki-Jessica-Tracy. (pg) 856 words. Gen.

Simon's Friend Monty and his brother have a secret. (g) 718 words. Gen (fluffy?)

You Make Me Feel Safe: Peter's musings about his friendship with Noah. (g) 2561 words. (References to Angela/Noah, maybe vague hint of slash.)

He Remains Her Reflection: Charles likes Peter a lot! (g) 965 words. [past Angela/Charles] (kink meme prompt) Gen

Moving In: Petlar fluff! (pg-13) 983 words.

Sunny Side: Petlar, somewhat fluffy. (pg) 379 words.

A Scene From 2050: It is the summer of 2050 in a sort of AU future where they’re all one big happy (?) family. With Angela, Peter/Sylar, Noah, Lyle, Simon, original characters. Gen, family/friendship. 2 914 words.


In Charge: Noah thinks he is in charge. Elle knows she is. (R) 761 words. (kink meme prompt) Het, smut

Big Girl: Elle doesn't believe what Bob says about her mother. (g) 251 words.

A Smile Full of Light: Elle has a dream about her childhood. (g) 969 words.


Yellow Envelopes: Niki gets an invitation in the mail for ‘an afternoon of joy and laughter’, and she takes the opportunity to do something fun with her son, ignoring Jessica’s warnings. A puppeteer with his own ideas of fun happens to be there… (pg) 3 355 words.



Flying Man: Mulder is investigating rumours about a flying man, and when they run into Hiro Nakamura, he leads them to the Petrelli family. Nathan is no where to be found, but they talk to Angela, who, however, doesn’t give them anything. Mulder wants Scully to talk to her alone. She is both embarrassed, a little intimidated, and vaguely attracted to the powerful lady… (g) 3 418 words, Scully’s point of view. Gen

Star Trek Voyager

Lost In Space : sequel of sorts to "Flying Man". Angela’s POV. She is very angry with Nathan for letting himself be seen while flying, and with Hiro’s help, she decides to go back in time to stop him. Only Hiro’s powers aren’t exactly stable yet, and instead of a few days back in the past, they end up in the future onboard the starship Voyager. Angela and Kathryn Janeway are fascinated by each other… (pg) 6 276 words. Drama, femslash, romance

[I planned to write one more X-files fic as a part three… hasn’t happened, will it ever?]

The L-word

The Interview: Jenny is interviewing Angela for a book… but is that all she wants? Four parts and a sequel. Romance

I Will Not Fall
(g) 250 words, Still Not Falling (g) 250 words, Waiting For the Fall (g) 250 words, Finally Falling (g) 250 words

Facts and Fiction: Angela agrees to come with Jenny and meet her friends. (nc-17)

True Blood

Unbreakable: Claire runs away from home because she wants to fight the bad guys and help people. When she runs into Jessica, a newborn hungry vampire in Bon Temps, she gets other things than fighting on her mind... (nc-17) 4 972 words. femslash, smut

Can Vampires Fly? : Claire's family wants her back where she belongs, and Jessica is not happy about it. (g) 250 words. Sequel to Unbreakable.

The Devil Wears Prada

Fugitives, in which Andy Sachs is Nathan & Peter's younger sister. Based on Heroes season 3 and explores Miranda's background. Femslash; Miranda/Andy and past Miranda/Alice, implied Angela/Noah at the end. (Complete, prologue & 7 chapters.)

Loyalty: Miranda finds out Andy is Angela's daugther and starts questioning her loyalty. (Andy's pov)(g) 250 words

Part one, Someone You Care About: Andy finds out that Danko is after Miranda, and in rescuing her she reveals her ability. (Andy's pov) (pg) 1000 words.

Part two, Flying: Now they have to decide what to do next. Miranda is worried about her children, who have secrets of their own. (Miranda's pov from here.) (g) 4 010 words.

Part three, A Safe Place In the cabin, Miranda thinks about their situation and about the last time she spoke to Angela many years ago... (g)1 920 words.

Part four, Fishing and Digging: Being together in the cabin in the mountain feels almost like a real nice vacation, and Miranda finally tells Andy about her ability. She even starts thinking about love. All is peaceful… until Andy gets a phone call from Peter, who tells her that Angela wants them to be somewhere… (pg) 5 016 words.

Part five, Welcome To Coyote Sands: Not only Angela but also Miranda has to face her past. She is thinking about her childhood, and how her life took an unexpected turn in 1961... (g) 2 724

Part six, Déjà vu: Miranda knows that she has to talk to Andrea about her feelings, but Angela has a few things to say, too. And they have to find out about Alice... (g) 2 476 words.

Part seven, Say Goodnight, Alice: They find out the truth, and some of them can start thinking about going back home. (g) 4 455 words.

Heroes/Twin Peaks

Cherry Pie and Dreams: Arthur and Linderman have business to discuss with Benjamin Horne, and Angela comes with them for a few days of vacation in Twin Peaks. There she meets a bored teenager, and people who might or might not have abilities similar to her own. And yes, she dreams about Laura Palmer, too. (g) 2 690 words.


All of Us Are Gay Sylar-centric (sic!) fic written for a promt: Sylar has a dream that all the heroes are suddenly gay… (pg) 1 230 words.

Martial Arts and Other Arts: Micah’s Martial Arts Instructor is trying to seduce him. She’s good at it. More than just a little inspired by The Graduate, written for the Bad!fic Challenge at heroes_faves. (pg) 913 words.

(Bad)Fic In Which Mr. Muggles and I Read Slash: A scene from the Bennet Family’s kitchen. Script fic written for the Bad!fic Challenge at heroes_faves. (pg?) 538 words.

The Lifesaver: AU in which Claire has an older sister who can heal other people. Angela needs her help with something very, very important. Angela/ofc intentionally written as badly as possible, for the Bad!fic Challenge at heroes_faves. (pg) 1 800 words.
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