February 5th, 2011

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Austen-thoughts and teasers for fic to come

I was thinking about a prompt that someone posted in dvlwears_prada not very long ago, about Jane Austen based stories. I don’t know what, but something made me think about it today. Pride and Prejudice, for example. Maybe I should go back there and read the comments and see if somebody has “claimed” it yet? (Not that I need to start another project right now.)

But… I was just asking myself, how would it work? Would it be better to only recycle some well-known scenes (like Darcy’s so-called proposal, as the prompter said), like Bridget Jones style? Or more detailed and true to the original? If so, does DWP have enough characters, or would the writer have to borrow some? Yeah, probably. I mean, we have Christian = Wickham, of course… but all the rest? Doug = Jane? And then Bingley = Nigel? Maybe Lily can be Lydia! But of course, we have some plot elements that are outdated, like the elopement and the forced marriage, and the fact that they all have to get married. So I don’t know. Also, let’s not forget Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine!

No… now that I think about it, I don’t think that I will do this.

But I have a wip about Charlotte Lucas. I haven’t finished it because 1) me, writing Austen fic? *blush* and 2) I can’t decide how to end it… unhappily or Charlotte/Miss de Bourgh? (Anyway, the idea that Charlotte married Collins because she’s unhappily in love with Lizzie is probably as old as fanfic, or older!)

Also, last night when I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking about Miss Bates. What’s her story? What’s her first name, how old is she, and she doesn’t really like Emma, does she?

Anyway, I’ll post chapter one of Mrs. Priestly soon. Expect Andy to be smarter than Ben, but not right away.

Other fics in line are: Angela’s Garden (Sandra/Angela for lynchgrrrl88), Intermission (Angela/Noah), Having Fun In Paris (light Angela/Adam, Claire for errandofmercy), and Peter Likes HRG (Peter, Noah/Angela, for boombangbing), and Aunt Augustine (8 femmes fic). These will be posted somewhere between the DWP/The Garduate chapters. (I’ll just have to finish the last two!)

Works in progress, other than the one already mentioned, are: The Scully-centric Heroes xover I’ve been working on forever (I don’t know what to do with it), and the X-files/Heroes/True Blood xover, and Angela/Heidi based on the same idea as my Andy/Cassidy fic.

Things I’m so far only thinking about: Angela/Charles (1961-based), a sort of angsty DWP fic, and the current challenge “In Hindsight” at heroes_contest.
waterhouse rose

Mrs. Priestly (1/5)

Title: Mrs. Priestly (1/5)
Fandom: The Devil Wears Prada/The Graduate
Rating/Genre: PG-13/femslash, crossover, AU
Characters: Andy Sachs, her parents, Miranda Priestly; references to Stephen, the twins, and to Elaine Robinson.
Summary: Andy is sort of disturbed about things at her graduation party. Miranda lets her know that she is… available.
Word count: 4 682
Spoilers/Warnings: It could maybe be considered a little spoilery for The Graduate, except that some major events are “re-invented” and other things added./No
Beta readers: I have an army of them: mxrolkr and flyhiwithme2 and gabe12347. Thank you very much for your help and support! <3 Any remaining mistakes are my own.
Notes: I have for a long time wanted to read a lesbian version of The Graduate with a better ending. ;) I’ve never found any, so I decided to do it myself – and I got the crazy idea that it could be a Mirandy fic at the same time. It should be readable even if you haven’t seen The Graduate -- but note that this is pretty much AU when it comes to some details: Stephen is the twins’ biological father and his name is Priestly; he is an old friend of Andy’s father and Andy has known both of them her whole life before she starts working at Runway.
Notes2 Thank you to those of you commented so enthusiastically in the entry where I first mentioned this idea (it was a while ago). I hope you’ll like it! This turned out to be longer than what I thought when I started it; it will be posted in 5 parts.
Notes3: This is for all of you who would have liked to be seduced by Mrs. Robinson like Anne Bancroft: Here's a YouTube video of when she's SINGING.

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