January 15th, 2009

pretty blue

Index: Heroes fanfic

This is a list of all my Heroes fanfiction. The list will be updated regularly here and in the big master list post on top of my journal. This is to make it easier for you if you don’t want to read through the list with all fandoms. ;)

The stories are listed in this order:

1. All Angela Petrelli fics
*Angela/Noah [13]
* various femslash pairings (Heidi, Ishi, Elle, Sandra, Victoria) [19]
* gen, or het other than Noah, or vague, unspecified pairings [14]
2. Matt, Mohinder and Molly, slash or gen. [12]
3. The Bennet Family, gen, het or slash. [11]
4. The Petrelli Family, gen and slash including Petlar [7]
5. Elle-centric fics [3]
6. Niki and Micah Sanders [1]
7. Crack/bad!fic [4]

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