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7 May
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This is the (mostly) fiction journal of selma08. (Most entries are public in this journal; selma08 is "friends only". This journal is slowly taking over as my primary one, though, so it's not strictly a fanfic place anymore. I use it to interact with people, comment, discuss and so on.)

If you like my writing, feel free to add me as a friend! (Please comment somewhere if you want me to add you back.)

* These days, I'm mostly into Downton Abbey, and Kyou Kara Maou (borderline obsession!). But I will always love The Devil Wears Prada, and Heroes, even though few people are interested anymore. Heroes was what got me into fanfic.

* I also like Sherlock a lot these days, and I'm starting to learn more about anime. I'm currently watching Bleach, and I love Black Jack and Gakuen Heaven and Winter Cicada. I also like to read Harry Potter femslash if I can find it (I've never written any myself, I've never felt a deep fannish love for HP). Sometimes I write weird crossovers (Heroes/DWP, anyone??). Other TV shows I like are House, M.D., The L-Word, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood and more...

* I used to read any kind of Angela femslash I could find (nobody writes it anymore), and I like all kinds of Petrelli family fluff (especially young!Petrelli - the one thing I do not read is petrellicest). Actually, I like everything where Angela is prominent. But I also like other Heroes characters and pairings. Noah Bennet/anyone! (Except Claire...)

* My favorite pairings: Heroes: Angela/Noah, Angela/Heidi (my own hedcanon...), Matt/Mohinder, DWP: Andy/Miranda, Emily/Serena, Downton Abbey: Cora/O'Brien, KKM: Gwendal/Yozak, Günter/Conrad, Conrad/Yuuri, Anissina/Gisela (okay, I've never written that but I should). Sometimes, I also like Emily/Miranda! I quite like the idea of Peter/Noah, too! And why not Chérie/Fluurin! Or Wolfram/Yozak. (Actually, when it comes to KKM I'm a wild multi shipper. The one thing I can't stand is Yuuri/Wolfram. I know, a very unpopular opinion, but still...)

* Don't expect a lot of angst or dark!fic here; I write mostly romance and/or fluff. (And sometimes, even smut happens...!)

* Feel free to comment on any mistakes. English is not my native language. Sometimes I post original fiction, and occasionally even drabbles in French (also not my native language).

Here's the list with links to all my fiction. The list is updated regularly with title, fandom, characters/pairing, rating and short summary.

Or, if you don’t want to read through that rather long list, click here for all Heroes fanfic, here for The Devil Wears Prada, here for Downton Abbey, here for Kyou Kara Maou, and here for misc. fandoms, crossovers and original fiction! :)

I love comments, and any kind of constructive criticism is, of course, more than welcome - it is always good to know if something needs improvement. But, every kind of feedback fills my heart with joy! :) And should you get the idea that you want to offer me a prompt, don't be shy; I'll try my best...


Fic recomendations

If you want more Angela Petrelli than what this fangirl can give you, then I recommend the epic A Capable Woman by thepandorarose!

Here is my (too small) list of Angela/Noah & Angela femslash fics written by others than myself. Take a look! :)

Also, boudecia7 has written a wonderful series of Matt/Angela fics, starting with the telling title Mrs Robinson. Go read, now! :)

I also have to recommend a wonderful two-part AU fic called Hardboiled by kethni. While you're there, read also Matt Eyre (Matt/Angela) and Death in Shallow Water (not Angela, but a great fic). Both kethni and boudecia7 are true Matt/Mohinder masters, if you didn't know - brilliant writers!

For more Angela fics, check out the community dona_petrelli. The community has been pretty dormant lately, though. (Quite frankly, I seem to be the most productive Angela writer at the moment. Sad but true. It makes me very happy when someone else writes Angela!) The old masterlist has been updated (March 2012, by me; the new co-mod) and will be updated asap whenever something new is written from now on.

Another absolutely awesome and perfect Heroes fic is Dreaming by selenak!

And let's not forget The Devil Wears Prada, at dvlwears_prada. Many great writers can be found there! And THE best DWP fanfic writer I've ever read is somniesperus, check out her amazing stories at The Rag and Bone Shop! :) "Truth and Measure" is a must-read, among many others.

Other favourites: Elevator Confessions by mercury, and jazwriter's Who's Wooing Whom.

I also strongly encourage you to read Vocalise, and Le cygne by the brilliant writtensword!

And here is a most awesome DWP/Star Trek Voyager crossover called Deflection by quiethearted.

Here’s also a lovely piece of HP smut, for those of you who are so inclined. ;) Culpability and Penance; or Cause and Consequence (McG/HG)

And if you're dying to read 8 femmes fanfic, go to ubiquitousmuse and read Not About Love (Gaby/Pierrette)! Also this one: A Woman's Touch by Scarlet Secret, who also writes brilliant Downton Abbey fics, often with O'Brien, Cora, Rosamund and Vera, and Thomas, too. :)

This KKM fic called Balance is about Gwendal's loss of an eye in the end of S2. It's absolutely brilliant. No pairing.

For even more fic recommendations, of everything from femslash to M3 fluff, take a look at my memories! :) Actually, I should write a proper recc post sometime...

Prompts/requests/wild dreams

Sometimes I get ideas. Sometimes I like these ideas too much to try to write them myself. I imagine them being written by someone with a lot more talent, you know, so that the quality of the writing actually matches the imagined awesomeness of the idea?

So, here it goes: I offer these prompts/plotbunnies to anyone who happens to see them and like them. (I realize of course that these might never be written because no one will like them.)

* Heroes/The X-files crossover: I actually did one, and I'm working on another one at the moment, but I can't get it quite right. What I'm after is hot, sexy Angela/Scully! Pretty please?

* And strangely enough, sometimes even my femslashy mind imagines some het: how about Nathan/Scully? I don't know; it could be fun...

* And speaking about Scully, I think that Miranda/Scully would be pretty hot, too. The problem is, I can't for the life of me think of any plot that could bring The Devil Wears Prada together with X-files. Edit: Read Taken by a stranger for Miranda/Scully!! :D

* This is a weird crossover: Scrubs/Harry Potter, Kelso/Snape (gen or romantic?), One of Dr. Kelso's best kept secrets is that he went to Hogwarts as a child...

* And while we're at it; Heroes/Harry Potter, any Petrelli/any, Many members of the Petrelli family have spent their childhood at Hogwarts.... No, wait; how about this: Angela could be one of the teachers... (I've never written any HP fics, that's why I putting it out here...)

* I realize that this will never happen, but I'm saying it anyway just in case... Heroes/The House of Eliott crossover! (Heroes in the 1920's... has been done before, right?) And what I'd like to see is of course Evie/Angela.

* I posted a prompt to dvlwears_prada asking for Miranda/Evie. Turns out ubiquitousmixie.has already written a The Devil Wears Prada/The House of Elliot crossover, but Miranda/Bea! Wow! :) Here and here.

* I'm imagining a Downton Abbey/House of Elliot crossover! (The timeline would perhaps be a bit off, huh?) It could be completely gen, I just thought of it when I watched Sybil get her new dress... To be honest, though, I want Edith/Evie.

* After watching the episode of KKM where we learn that Günter was once Conrad's teacher, it seriously amazes me that so few people seem to ship them - I mean, come on, don't you see it?! I can sort of understand that Gwendal/Yozak is a rare pairing although in my mind they're a good match... Since when do I care about yaoi anyway?!...

* Also, I want more Gwendal! I have this weird man!crush on him, see...

* Actually, I'm more and more getting the feeling that Conrad/Yuuri is meant to be. I still ship Yuuri/Sara, though...

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